Innovation Makerspace enable innovators to go through a cycle of imagination, design,prototyping, reflection, and iteration as a part of the process to find solutions to challenges or bring their ideas to reality.

An Innovation Makerspace consists of off-the-shelf, industrial-grade fabrication and electronics tools, wrapped in open-source software and programs designed for communities as prototyping platforms for local entrepreneurship. Innovation Makerspace is increasingly being adopted by educators as platforms for project-based, hands-on STEMM education.Users learn by designing and creating objects of personal interest.

Empowered by the experience of making it by themselves, they both learn and mentor each other, gaining deep knowledge about the machines, the materials, the design process, and the engineering that goes into invention and innovation.

In an educational setup, rather than relying on a fixed curriculum, learning happens in an authentic, engaging, personal context, one in which students go through a cycle of 4D (Define-Design-Develop-Deploy) as they find solutions to the challenges.

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