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Rapid Prototyping Lab:- “Rapid” means anything happening at a short time and is quick. “Prototyping” means something that serves as a typical example of class, model or any difficult design. “Laboratory” means any workplace for development, research and place for innovations. What is exactly the Rapid Prototyping Lab does is it increases the level of imagination of every student willing to develop a product or any innovative model by working at “One Point of Work” which means the students can work with complete belief that there work is not going to get exposed to any unnecessary person and they can work freely. Another advantage of this Rapid Prototyping Lab is that it inputs new working skills directly to the student. For example: Processes like designing, 3D Printing, Welding, Cutting, CNCs and other processes which are included in completing the Prototype Model. What happens due to this the innovative ideas of the students does not remain just as a Final Year Project but can be shaped up into a New Generation Product. The innovative ideas of the students will not go waste they will always either will brought in the market or will always be left with scope of development. By such kind of Rapid Prototyping Lab we directly contribute to the National initiative of development. The prototyping lab is the most upcoming development in the Education Society.

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